Your customer data, as well as your company’s data, is our top concern. We invest heavily in keeping that data protected. Likewise, we understand and respect that your customer data is your data and its privacy is vital. While people often think of security as hackers breaking into systems, PSN thinks of all aspects of data touches—people, places, systems, storage and transfer. You don’t have to simply take our word for it; we successfully maintain a PCI Level 1 Certification—the highest level possible. Each year, an independent firm conducts a thorough audit of our people, places and processes to assure continued compliance. We also make sure there is no loss of data or service if a disaster occurs. Both you and your customers can be assured that PSN takes every precaution to protect, secure and recover your data. 

  • Eliminates or greatly reduces the very high expense of maintaining a facility and cyber environment to the standards required by the credit card industry (PCI compliance), since PSN houses all data

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