The PSN system has several real-time online, downloadable/printable reports available to your staff that can be customized to individual needs. The system also automatically generates reports—you select who gets these reports, whether they are detailed or summaries and whether they are delivered via email instantly, daily, weekly or monthly. Reports include: Customer Payments, Deposits/Withdrawals, Declined/Rejected Payments, Chargebacks/Refunds, Cancelled/Held Transactions, Disputed Transactions, Payment Histories, Daily Reconciliation, Monthly Reconciliation, Registered Customers, Account Summaries, Customer Views of eBills, eBill Stats and more. Each report can be sorted, searched and filtered for different criteria (date, customer, address, payment type and more.).

  • Information is available 24/7/365

  • All payer information, no matter how or where they paid, is in ONE report

  • Only ONE reconciliation report needs to be generated because all payments are consolidated for one deposit (Underlying money transmission provided by our partner bank)

  • You control who has access to the reports

  • Downloads can be in easy-to-use Excel spreadsheets

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