online bills


Customers today expect the convenience of viewing bills online and on mobile devices as proven by a decline of three billion mailed bills in just four years, and the pace is quickening! Plus, there is the benefit of reducing your carbon footprint and supporting “green” efforts. There are lots of other advantages as well, but perhaps most importantly, eBills can be delivered for as little as a ½¢ to about 10¢ each, depending on your volume. That’s significant savings! And we make it simple to do.

  • Any customer who logs in can automatically view their bills online—no special registration for eBills is required

  • The most recent two bills are viewable on PSN's mobile payments app

  • Customers only go to one portal to view eBills and make payments 

  • Reduce paper, printing, postage and equipment upkeep costs as customers opt out of paper bills

  • Reduce calls to your staff as more information is available electronically 

  • Bill delivery is quicker, helping speed cash flow

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