Every year, more and more people are sending fewer paper checks. As a result, businesses are seeing ever-increasing costs to process a paper check—there are fewer checks to process but the cost of maintaining the labor and equipment to process the checks remains constant. By using lockbox services, businesses, in essence, share the cost of labor and equipment with other companies which also use the service. By outsourcing check handling, your employees can be shifted to tasks more beneficial to your business. If you already use a lockbox service, we can integrate our system with them to have paper checks flow into one system for one deposit and one reconciliation. 


  • Alleviate fluctuation of workload due to remittance cycles

  • Eliminate staff time, if you process checks in house

  • Paper check payments are consolidated with all other electronic payments 

  • Payments are visible in real-time as they are processed

  • Payments can be automatically posted to your software

  • Reduces risk of handling checks

  • Eliminates compliance with some Federal Regulations as they relate to personal information

  • Speeds cash flow as paper checks are turned into electronic payments


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