Your customers will love the convenience of PSN’s payment Kiosks. Your staff will appreciate the time they can spend on other tasks rather than taking payments at the counter. These fully integrated kiosks have all the features that your customers would find online, such as balance due, stored payment methods and more. Indoor lobby, outdoor and thru-the-wall units are available. Customers can pay by credit card, check, savings and cash, depending on the model you choose. An easy-to-read display, allows customers to complete a transaction in less than a minute. They can also print receipts. 

  • Consolidates kiosk payments with other PSN payments (e.g., mobile, online, phone, bank bill pay) for one deposit and one reconciliation 

  • Frees staff for other tasks by eliminating or reducing counter payments

  • Can be placed in convenient customer locations wherever there is an Internet connection

  • Allows customers to pay 24/7/365

  • Payments flow into the PSN Account Management Center for viewing activity in real time

  • Cloud monitoring for maintenance issues

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