data sharing


Today, your customers want more services and information at their fingertips. PSN’s Data Sharing Solutions do just that! Balance-due amounts are readily available online, on mobile devices, in text messages and in the IVR, eliminating the customers’ reliance on using an outdated statement or calling you. Data sharing also lessens your workload since PSN will electronically post payments to your ledger, no matter how your customer pays—online, phone, bank-issued checks, cash payment locations, etc. Data sharing can also be used to create online bills and exchange other customer data. PSN can data share through a batch process, real-time or tokenization.

  • Fewer calls to your office; information is readily available electronically

  • Reduces staff time on posting payments

  • Eliminates errors due to manual posting of payments

  • Reduces collection efforts for late fees which don’t show on bills but will appear online

  • Frees staff time to be used on more important tasks to benefit your business

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