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Some customers insist on paying with paper checks even though you offer the convenience of online payments and automatic withdrawal. Paper checks slow your cash flow, are prone to processing errors and are expensive to handle. According to Wells Fargo Bank: "To calculate the entire cost of handling and encoding paper checks, you should consider everything from transportation and supplies to pre-encoded check maintenance fees and excess reject charges—on top of employee hours.” You can drastically offset these costs by implementing PSN’s Auto-Post Check Scanning.

  • Deposits funds faster; helps to better predict cash flow; improves cash flow

  • Eliminates preparing deposit tickets and taking deposits to the bank

  • Scans and captures images of checks, payment vouchers, stubs, envelopes, correspondence or coupons

  • Advanced character recognition (CAR/LAR) reads and stores the amount, endorses the checks and saves the selected identifiers from the coupons—whether free-form, handwritten, barcode or OCR

  • Unlike bank truncation systems, scans match customer to database for automatic posting to your software

  • Allows for viewing progress of payments in real time, once it is converted to an ePayment

  • Consolidates paper check transactions with other payment channels (e.g., mobile, online, phone, bank bill pay, cash) resulting in one deposit and one reconciliation 

  • Enhances the customer experience since they can continue to pay by paper check

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