While you like to provide the most convenient options for your customers to make payments, the result is often a cumbersome and labor-intensive back-office operation, with unnecessary payment processing expense. One such way customers prefer to pay is through their own bank’s bill payment service. Payments coming through this channel either arrive many days later as paper checks or are processed through a third party and directly deposited, both of which must be manually processed by your staff and input into your accounting software. How would you like to have these payments converted to electronic payments with faster deposits and automated posting to your software? You can with PSN!

  • Payments made through the customers’ banks flow into the PSN system so that you can view them in real time—just like an online payment

  • Bank bill payments are consolidated with all other PSN payments for one deposit and one reconciliation 

  • Payments are automatically posted to your software to eliminate manual input and errors

  • Enhances the customer experience by allowing more options for making payments

  • Faster deposit times as PSN can convert 99% of bank-issued checks to ePayments (Underlying money transmission provided by our partner bank)

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